Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello! It's been awhile since I've updated. The reason? I'm super lazy. Hehe. I've been working almost 50 hours every week for the last 2 weeks so I haven't find the time to update yet. I've been working on a couple more pieces of jewelry but haven't found the time to take pictures and post them up.
I've got to say, I give major props to other jewelry designers out there. I'm really new to the whole jewelry world (as you may, or may not, know) but I really love the creativity aspect of it. As a graphic designer, we all have to set goals for the Summer to keep our creativity flowing for the Fall, and I picked up jewelry making as my project. I think all forms of art are connected in one way or another. I feel like jewelry making is like another form of graphic design. This past year in school, I'm constantly making layouts, typography projects, and other graphic design related things. It's nice to step out of my shell but still working with materials and things that are somewhat related to graphic design.
For every piece of jewelry I make, I try to think like a graphic designer. I constantly ask questions like, "Will these colors go together? Layouts? Unity? Will the piece itself flow better if I make it a certain way?" I'm constantly learning new things with jewelry-making and still trying to figure out how could I incorporate the things I've learned into my line of work.

Sorry about the ramblings! I will post soon, promise.

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