Thursday, July 1, 2010

peaches&cream, bermuda, starfish, and wings!

Wing pendants! Available in Yellow and Pink
.925 sterling silver box chain
$20 each
*pink one sold* (but as always, you can always custom order)

16mm topaz starfish
I love this color! So perfect for the Summer.
.925 sterling silver box chain

"Bermuda satin pegasus"
.925 sterling silver box chain

"Peaches and Cream" bracelet
6.5", swarovski coral pearls along with swarovski filagree flower

Little violet flowers earring
sterling silver

And as a special bonus, everything on my site that hasn't been sold yet will be marked down 10%. If you're interested in anything, email me at and I will send you my paypal email. =)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Toodles~